Starpoint Resort Group Reviews Fascinating Museums in Las Vegas

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Starpoint Resort Group reviews that Las Vegas is a city full of glitz, glamour, excitement, and adventure. Sin City is one of the top destinations for travelers to visit this summer, as it offers a multitude of intriguing attractions and exhibits. Although most people focus on checking out the stunning shows and performances, luxurious clubs, high-end restaurants, and world-class shops when in Vegas, there are also plenty of other attractions that the city has to offer.

  • Atomic Testing Museum: This museum provides a unique insight into Nevada Test Site, which was the main facility for testing nuclear weapons from 1951 to 1992. When at this museum, guests can learn more about the history and story of nuclear power in the US. Visitors are able to check out the headline exhibit, where people can experience a motion-simulator of the tests that were conducted over the past several decades.
  • Pinball Hall of Fame: While some people consider pinball to be just a silly arcade game, other people recognize it as a cultural significance and an essential part of entertainment throughout time. Visitors are able to walk through this museum and explore over 100 functioning pinball machines that span over the past seven decades.
  • Madame Tussaud’s: Starpoint Resort Group reviews that this museum has multiple locations all throughout the world. Guests can explore over 100 wax figurines that are accurate and lifelike replicas of your favorite celebrities, characters, and athletes. Simon Cowell, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Shaquille O’Neal can all be found in the museum and visitors are able to pose and take pictures with them as well.
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